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About Us

About Us

We are a accredited centre located in the heart of Terwillegar.

Our aim and namesake is to be part of your child’s story, continually updating you while we help your child write their story. This is done through communication, development reports and our ‘stories’.

Our mission is to provide the best quality care for every child, and offer them a program that will develop each individual to their highest potential. We strive to nurture their physical, social and emotional, intellectual, and creative growth; assist them in the development of their skills in language, communications, and problem solving; and encourage them to grow into mature and moral individuals with positive self esteem.

Our curriculum will feature an additional focus on STEM to help your child succeed in whatever future endeavours they choose to pursue.

Daycare Features

  • Lots of Room – Including indoor flex room and private outdoor playground
  • Live stream cameras for peace of mind – For parents to check in when they miss their little ones
  • Developmental reports
  • Transportation to Monsignor William Irwin School and Esther Starkman
  • Occasional classes taught by specialists (taekwondo, yoga, music, art, etc)

A Child’s Story Daycare

Our children are our future, in each and every class there are children with bright futures ahead of them. Each one a little mirror of their parents, all very compassionate, bright, inquisitive people ready to learn and play. Because of the way that life is now, many adults have full time jobs that they love, which means that our children have to go into daycare in Edmonton.  It is every parent’s worry to send their beloved child to daycare and have them bored, fighting, or not learning anything. Kids need time to have their minds stimulated, learning about nature or families etc. The things that a child learns daily is added onto, and becomes part of their story. This is what we nurture at A Child’s Story Daycare, a childcare centre in Edmonton South.

What is a Child’s Story?

A child’s story is their life, everything that they have learned, as well as what they want to learn and who they want to become. We help children write their story with fun activities in all different kinds of fields, with an additional focus on STEM. Children love to be stimulated mentally and really enjoy having fun while they learn, which is why we take them to different schools and parks so that they are always in a new environment, a new environment means new things to see, do, and learn! We strongly believe that when children are given the proper outlets for their energy, such as tower building in the flex room, a big game of tag on the playground, or even a nice cozy space to look at books, that they learn things. Kids learn best when they aren’t being spoken to directly, when they are able to see the frog they are learning about, or practice the song they hear. We offer this daily at A Child’s Story Daycare in Edmonton.

Safety in the Daycare

Of course, safety of the child is incredibly important. We are a fully accredited and licenced daycare in the heart of Terwillegar. We offer developmental reports, that can be accessed anytime by any parent or guardian, to ensure that the child is on par with the learning track that they are placed on. We have a ratio of students to supervisors that ensures 100% supervision, 100% of the time. Any transportation is undertaken in the safest way possible, with extra chaperones if needed. We also have 24/7 livestream cameras that parents can access to check in with their little one, if they’re having a bad day, or if they’re just missing their kiddo. Flexible pick up and drop off times means that the kids only stay for as long as you need them to, which leaves room for different schedules to ensure the kiddo is accustomed to dayhome life in Edmonton. 

COVID 19 Information/Guidelines

A Child's Story Terwillegar Daycare and Out of School Care are open during COVID - 19. We are here to ensure the safety of our families which is the utmost priority and commitment for limiting the spread of COVID-19.

Sick Policy

As per the Alberta Health Guidelines, children are required to complete the daily screening questionnaire upon drop off and a temperature check during drop off.

If a child or staff member are experiencing flu symptoms and COVID-19 symptoms the child is not able to attend the center until a negative COVID test result is received. The center has implemented a new form which monitors children who have been sent home for COVID-19 Symptoms and has the self isolation completion date for when the child can return to the center. Children and staff who are tested are not be able to return till we receive a copy of the negative test results and are symptom free.

Visitors and Field Trips

Non essential visitors and volunteers are not permitted at the center until further notice from Alberta Health Services.

Visitors that are permitted to enter the center and are in the center for more than 15 minutes are required to fill out the daily screening questionnaire as well have their temperature taken.

At this time all field trips are suspended until further notice.

Outdoor and Indoor Play Space

Both our Outdoor and Indoor playgrounds are sanitized each time a new room comes to the play space.

Face Masks

As per City of Edmonton By-laws all parents entering the center during drop off and pick up must wear a mask. Our staff are required to wear masks in their designated rooms and in the center at all times.

Social Distancing for Drop off and Pick up

During COVID-19 we are doing staggered drop off and pick up times to ensure social distancing is maintained between our families and staff. There is designated entrance and exit doors to maintain foot traffic and social distancing in the center. At this time parents are not allowed to enter their child's rooms. Drop off and pick up is done at the child's room door.

Personal Belongings

All children must bring a backpack/diaper bag to keep all their belongings such as (water bottle, change of clothes, hat, sunscreen, bug spray, mittens) All belongings need to be labelled. These belongings are to remain at daycare to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Clothing that has been soiled is put in a bag for the parents to take home at end of the day.

Personal items that are not permitted at this time are no teddy bears/dolls, toys and books.


High touched surfaces are sanitized throughout the day. Equipment and toys are sanitized on a daily basis as per the Alberta Health Services Guidelines/Regulations.

There are hand sanitizer pumps around the center, also at the entrance and exit doors for parents and staff.


We are accepting new registrations currently also we are scheduling tours of the center. We ask parents to contact the center for further information and to schedule a time for tours.  All parents coming to the center for scheduled tours must wear a mask upon entry.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19 please do not hesitate to contact us and we are happy to help as we are here to keep all children safe as our job and priority during this difficult time.

Learning Objectives

Learning is at the core; it is the focus of everything we do at A Child’s Story Daycare. We bring in specialists every once in a while, to teach the young ones things they might not learn anywhere else, like Taekwondo, yoga, music, and art. This allows kids to explore different avenues that they might not get to explore at any other time, in the safety of their daycare with all their friends around. We believe in creative expression at all times as well, ensuring that we give enough time for kids to run a bit wild with paint, markers, crayons, and pens. This gives kids time to be free and to sharpen their fine motor skills. Sensory play is incredibly important in our daycare as well, as that allows kids to have fun and enjoy themselves. Sensory play has also been shown to be a way to encourage kids to explore and investigate, help build nerve connections in the brain, encourage the development of motor skills, support language development, and encourages “scientific thinking” and problem solving. Another important part of our daycare is mindfulness minutes. Mindfulness helps develop the whole brain and helps children understand their emotions and feelings, which helps in all aspects of their lives, and helps kids notice the positives, and develop a sense of appreciation, gratitude, and contentment. All of this put together equals happiness for the child.

Our Mission

As well as wanting kids to learn, we also put a big focus on happiness, fun, and enjoyment. Not every second of the day is fully structured, meaning they do have time to go outside and play with each other, without intervention by a leader. (Supervised at all times, leaders are there to intervene if necessary). This fosters strong relationships, as well as imagination and cooperation. All in all, our mission is to provide the best quality care for every child, and offer them a program that will develop each individual to their highest potential. We strive to nurture their physical, social and emotional, intellectual, and creative growth; assist them in the development of their skills in language, communications, and problem solving; and encourage them to grow into mature and moral individuals with positive self-esteem.

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