STEM Learning

In ways that have yet to be fully understood, early development of STEM skills seems to support learning later in life. At present, it seems that there is inadequate attention to the teaching of STEM in early childhood education. But our Centre aims to change this by integrating STEM into the curriculum.

Science: Simple experiments. Evidence based – Why is this happening? What might happen?

Engineering: Assembling, building, playing. Will this structure stand? Can we build it like this?

Math: Recognize, describe, reproduce, extend, create, and compare repeating patterns of concrete materials. Introduce descriptive words: big, round, rough etc.

Tech Corners

Our program features Tech Corners which includes age-appropriate access to technology for the children. Ranging from gadgets, tablets and computers we aim to provide a sense of exploration for all the children. Technology is becoming more and more important on our planet, and we want all of the children to be able to harness it properly in their future. Our Tech Corners have no internet access and limited screen time.